Wednesday, January 9, 2008

musical haiku

take a mortal man
& you put him in control
i hate megadeth.
hello my baby
hello my darlin', hello
my clementine, bitch.
he travels through time
for the future of mankind
nobody wants him.
gettin' hot in here
gonna take off all my clothes
man i love that song.

dyslexic version

gettin' cold in here
gonna put on all my clothes
man i hate that song.
i'm a slave for you
& that song e-mail my heart
fuck you britany spears.
flyin' v guitar
if i had me one of those
that would fuckin' rock.
i love the misfits
i also love black sabbath
but hate van hagar.
ozzy & lita
they closed their eyes forever
all remained the same.
i'm like mariah
in that i'm on fire
& just like honey.
hey, are you the nuge?
hey, what is cat scratch fever?
hey, where's your cross bow?
does premadonna
mean the time before the song
"borderline" came out?
on the radio
i hear all kinds of bullshit
& it hurts my brain.
paradise city
grass is green, girls are pretty
& axl's crazy.

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