Wednesday, January 9, 2008

here's some more motherfuckin' haiku, motherfucker

these ain't new. in fact, they're as old as yr mom. maybe older. this retardation was originally posted on myspace. fuck myspace.

just to let you know
horses are runnin' wild
& i'm very scared.
staring into space
i can see the particles
turning into dust.
waitin' for the time
it only comes in seconds
needs to come faster.
feel the compulsion
to start runnin' down the street
but i don't do it.
speeding through darkness
watch me as i navigate
my car like ninjas.
why do we have maps
longitude & latitude
that shit is made up.
i love unicorns
because they are so pretty
oh wait, that's a lie.
yup, an astronaut
that is what i want to be
lookin' down on you.
once threw a penny
from a very tall building
& it killed someone.
have you ever seen
the movie dirty dancing
with patrick swayze?
what lots of things do
is just kill you f'n soul
& make you braindead.

anyone who wants a book of haiku just let me know. they're ONLY $10. what an f'n deal, huh?

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