Tuesday, January 8, 2008

haiku with some nonsense

originally posted july 4th on motherfuckin' myspace. fuck you tom.

that is the way things should be
it's much easier.
what is happening
seeing things i shouldn't see
changing channel now.
you should ask yrself
what would charles ingalls do
when facing problems.
lookin' through the glass
things are blurry & wavy
only when empty.
today i'm gonna shoot a gun & it's gonna be great. i think we both know this. earlier rebellious was showin' me how satisfying it is to slide it back & pull the trigger.
i would rather fly
more than i would rather die
that's what the bird said.
hey, guess what i ate
photogenic banana
looked & tasted good.
went to hollywood
to become a superstar
instead, i'm hookin'.
i know some of you folks might've already read some of this shit. what can i say, i'm lazy. what ya gonna do 'bout it?
i'm lettin' my beard grow out like a motherfucker. you can't stop me. while i worked at walgreen's all i wanted was to grow a beard, but they would not let me. that's ok, i broke some of their shit when i quit.
chains of oppression
they are reachin' for my brain
i am breaking free.
i'll knock down that wall
with a fuckin' sledgehammer
maybe not, who knows.
chinese animals
when i speak english to them
do they understand?
if you don't own jackson browne - runnin' on empty, then you're a dumbie. go buy it now. or illegally download. i don't care. just get it.
don't know karate
but i do know karazy
we miss you james brown.

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