Tuesday, January 8, 2008

these ain't new, but here they are

i'm in the process of transferrin' my stuff from my blog on myspace to this blog here. i like it better here. it's cold there. here, i can back myself up to deerborn heater & get comfortable.

cows in the pasture
chewin' motherfuckin' cud
lookin' majestic.
while i am typin'
i am alphabetizin'
& that makes it hard.
deep inside my heart
there is a flame a burnin'
it's for rebellious.
sometime i'm starin'
& sometimes i'm not starin'
you just never know.
i walk in dazes
i also walk in mazes
constantly confused.
i'm drawin' pictures
of yr motherfuckin' face
& they are not good.
just saw on the news
that somethin' happened somewhere
sometime or other.
rock on, van halen
motherfuckin' fingertap
the shit out of it.
my name is john doe
you'll never know who i am
because of my name.
5 o'clock shadow
that is what i fuckin' have
gonna stop shavin'.
i'm in outer space
rode a rocket to get here
cost lots of money.
i'm readin' a book
that i do not understand
i just turn pages.
sit, stay, & play dead
that is what folks teach their dog
if they are stupid.
while i am drivin'
i am always gettin' lost
that's just how i roll.
ain't got no shirt on
i want to pawn this here gun
i'm from east tx.
ask silly questions
what else are you gonna do?
balance yr check bk?
my brain is 'tarded
& i just cannot help it
that & i will not.
i'm a magician
& i'm so fuckin' stupid
i can't disappear.
usin' a ruler
to see how long one foot is
that's how dumb i am.

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