Friday, November 9, 2007

motherfuckin' violence

as soon as i get my scanner up & runnin', you'll be able to see the picture of the dead prostitue used on the title page. also, i've used red electrical tape. oooh!!

all of these people
need to be shot in the face
in front of their kids.
while starin' at you
sometimes i want to gut you
& eat your insides.
i killed a hobo
& burned down his cardboard house
then stole all his cans.
gonna start screamin'
so loud that it kills people
wish i could do that.
because i am scared
i have not killed anyone
least i don't think so.
you know what i like
sectarian violence
not sure what that is.
you listen to me
or i will fuckin' shoot you
for i am the law.
set you on fire
& watch yr flesh melt right off
just to hear you scream.
hey, why is that man
lurkin' around the corner
he wants to grab me.
causin' destruction
drinkin' cursin' & fightin'
that shit is awesome.
it's spectacular
the way the sky WILL light up
when the buildings burn.
smoldering decay
that's what the volcano caused
when it exploded.
when i opened up
the killer inside of me
everyone got scared.
them dogs are barkin'
think i might try to kill them
or at least pet them.
once threw a penny
from a very tall building
& it killed someone
when i killed her cat
my daughter got real upset
so i killed her to.
i'll rip off yr face
& eat it in front of you
i don't like people.
while shootin' my gun
sometimes light shines in my eyes
i shoot innocents. (innocence)
if i killed a dog
i'd be so god damned happy
& then i might cry.
do you remember
the way that you looked at me
before i shot you?
during the riots
i shot a cop in the face
& stole a t.v.
down in the basement
is where i keep the bodies
you can't go down there.
christening the blade
right across yr fuckin' face
just to watch you bleed.
man, that hooker screamed
she screamed her fuckin' lungs out
the cops didn't care.

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Anonymous said...

These are fuckin' great!

For I am the law!