Saturday, November 10, 2007

haiku that published

i think miracles
should only happen if you
have enough $
if you are thinking
well, then you must be living
sit, tune-in, become
looking for bargains
in all of the same places
for shit i don't need
i buy only new
because i can afford it
fuck you poor people
flowers have no point
except to look beautiful
& waste my water
crashing down to earth
with speeds like a space rocket
i hate asteroids
the way i see things
is not the way others do
my eyes are broken
turnin' out the lights
& i can't see a thing
nor do i want to
are you responsive
to their fuckin' programmin'
i bet that you are
sat at the table
& i ordered my dinner
it was overpriced
went to marakesh
that is such a fuckin' lie
i just went to bed
heaven's beckoning
for what i don't know
what's beckoning mean?

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