Thursday, July 26, 2007

best convenience store in nacogdoches county

so about a 2 months ago i was drivin' home from work, & really needed a 7-up. so i stopped at the next store i found. it was called the P STORE. when i walked in i was blown away by the state of disarray that the store was in. the one candy rack had many empty boxes, & there was a nice coat of dust over the whole display. the one cooler, which wasn't very cold, had a pretty decent selection of soft drinks. boxes of merchandise were stacked everywhere. EVERYWHERE. also, sitting in front of the register was a very old man. he was tryin' his luck at some scratch off lotto tickets. the old man won somethin', but he wasn't sure what, & had the lady workin' the register shout what his winnings were. if yr wonderin', i think it was $5. so i find a can of 7-up & go to the register. at the register is this older asian lady, who's probably in her 60's, whisper ask if i needed anytning else, then tells me my total. while i was waitin' for her to figure out to how to function the fuckin' , i realize that there is also a complete fuckin' disaster behind the counter. there's many newspapers, all kinds of paper work spread out, quite a few empty soda cans, and some food containers. basically a fullout shitstorm of a mess. you can definitely tell that this lady is her own boss, & probably owns the store. i also notice behind the register over to the right is a huge magazine rack of hardcore porno mags. & i'm not talkin' 'bout playboy, neither. i'm talkin' hustler, juggs, gallery, swank, and many other hardcore titles i ain't never heard of. i make a mental note of this, pay for my drink, & leave. but not without noddin' to that old fuckin' man who's still examinin' his scratch off tickets. so, about a month later, i'm in need for some porno mags for a bk project i'm workin' on. i could go to shitass hasting's to get what i'm lookin' for, but i want an adventure out of this purchase & decide to go to the P STORE. i've decided that the P in P STORE stands for porn. i can't think of any other explanation. so, after work one day, i stop at the P STORE. still the same fuckin' mess i remember, but this time i think i saw an open porn mag amidst the mess. i grab a can of 7-up, & ask the lady if i can walk behind the counter to where the magazines are. she smiles, & says "of course" in a very heavy asian accent. so i do. holy crap, i didn't expect to see 2 other gigantic magazine racks fully stocked with porn mags. luckily, for me, they're all bundle packs. the first pkg i pick out has 2 copies of oui. but after a couple minutes of browsin', i see a a 3 pk of a magazine called gallery for the same price as the pkg of oui. so, i decide on that. well, while i'm diggin' thru the racks i see that there's a bunch of magazines boastin' that they have a free dvd. but, none of them actually have the dvd. then i notice that there's a small rack on the counter next to one of the magazine racks. guess what's on the rack. it's the free dvd's, but they are for sale. fuckin' genius. this old asian lady is a fuckin' genius. i'll say it again. fuckin' genius. these dvd's look fuckin' horribly disgusting. the only one i remember anything about had the title "asians suck black cock", & it had a picture of just that. an asian lady with a big black wang in her mouth. nothing about this picture was censored. so, i decide on what mags i'm gettin', & go pay for my 7-up & porn mags. she asks if i needed anything else, gives me my change, & then puts my mags in a nondescript brown paper bag, & tells me to have a good day. i tell'er to do the same, then head on home. this place fuckin' rules & i will be back.

for those who are readin' this & live in the area, it's on south street in nacogdoches.

also, one of the magazines was called 150 GAGGED WOMEN, & had a lady with a ball gag in her mouth. i figure the title is more than likely a good description for what to expect on it's pgs.

now here is a sample of haiku from the bk i'm workin' on. the bk is titled SEX.
my penis is red
from chronic masterbation
i refuse to stop.
first, i'll pet yr cat
& then i will lick yr cat
then i'll fuck yr cat.


marty said...

Goddamn fake dada, great fucking story. It felt like I was there! And I want to be. A dirty mess of a store with porno mags and DVD. Shit I'm going to jerk off to the store soon! I love that asian broad!


Robert said...


im there with ya!