Wednesday, July 4, 2007

more spit

SALIVA - the transparent watery fluid secreted by glands connected with the mouth. it keeps the mouth moist, and by mixing with the food during mastication makes of it a soft, pulpy mass, that is easily swallowed. it also changes the starchy elements into some kind of sugar.

s - a - t - a - n
he fills me up with much love
it comes out as spit.

spit on autobahn
want to go to germany
just for this purpose.

comments on spitting

joey called it unleashing the venom.
kate said i was just givin' the cops my dna.
fancy pants said to stop.


fancy pants did these haiku on spitting

please don't spit in stores
i'm scared you'll get arrested
public disturbance.

then you would freak out
on a cop and be tasered
and go to the pen.

cop killers get life
with no conjugals for fun
you'd have to turn gay.

1 comment:

marty said...

I like all these, but the autobahn is my favorite. Marty.