Thursday, March 29, 2007



me & my friend bryan went to 7-11 for some late night 7-11 action. when we try to check out, the cashier asks for both our i.d.'s for bryan's cigarettes. i laugh & tell bryan that she loves havin' the authority to enforce stupid rules. the cashier then gets pissy & she says she's not gonna ring up my stuff. i tell'er that's bullshit. she then says to leave. so i leave. but on my way out, i spit a big ol' nasty thing on the door. she tells bryan that i'm nasty, & proceeds to call the cops. bryan manages to pay for his stuff, & we got in the car & hurried home.

the SPIT CHRONICLES are available to purchase in homemade book form. if interested, just leave somehin' on the comments section. trust me, it's worth it. there's pictures.

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Anonymous said...

brian gets mad many a time. he got really angry at a comp USA employee. nearly got to a knock down fight with the guy, literally. he says if it was like the old days people would treat you with more respect because there were no laws about just hitting a dude for being a jack ass. looking back he tells me that he should have spit on the guy. we thought of you.