Monday, April 2, 2007



worked there for almost 5 years. it pretty much sucked the last 2 1/2 years. so i would do all kinds of ignorant obnoxious things to amuse myself. like this one monday mornin' i went on a tie strike (ties are stupid), & the asst. manager couldn't handle it anymore & threatened me into wearing my tie. then she complained that the counters were filthy. i explained that i've been off all weekend, & it was just the high schoolers workin' & i've been tryin' to clean up thier messes. also, it's not even 8.30 in the mornin' yet. so she yells for me to clean the counters. this is when i spit a big ol' nasty thing on the counter, & cleaned the counter with spit & my already filthy tie. sometimes i would make this lady so mad, that her nose would bleed.

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Anonymous said...

when i worked for walgreens i worked the front counter. they would get mad at me for reading and would prefer for me to stare into space. this was before i had a car and the manager would stand with me waiting for my ride after close. he told me the story of how the other day he was driving and he threw a beer can at the lady tale gating him. and would you beleive it, she gets on her cell phone and calls the police! he says that this is his favorite trick for ridding tale gaters and now he can't use it because of northeners like her. yep. he assumed she wasn't from texas because she called the cops for throwing beer cans at her vehicle while driving.