Tuesday, May 26, 2009

religious snakebike haiku.

rollin' on the floor
speakin' religious nonsense
with snakes in thy hand.

the children are scared
yet they seem fascinated
i think they BELIEVE.

i have been bitten
by the rattler in the sky
and drank his venom.

we live by the snake
& we will die by the snake
the law of the snake.

never met a snake
that did not speak to me in
some form fashion.

some are scared of snakes
but they don't really know snakes
'cuz they ain't like us.

as a snake, should be a goal
that all of us have.

when i am sleeping
i am dreaming about snakes
everything is snake.

(that last line should be sang to the tune of "everything is food" from the popeye soundtrack.)

1 comment:

fronteriza said...

i dig this a bunch.