Tuesday, May 26, 2009

here's a buncha nonsense i just took down from my bullshit myspace pg

i am ready to
get the fuck out of this place
& never come back.
i will punch the clock
but i haven't punched the boss
because i'm too scared.

(just like that dead kennedy's song says)
they don't pay enough
for the amount of cock that
they put in my mouth.
anna nicole smith
was a big titted retard
that needed to die.
i just recently
learned that jim jones wanted to
fuck guys in the ass.
jim jones claimed that he
was the only man on the
earth that wasn't gay.
jim jones died of a
self inflicted gunshot wound
to the fuckin' head.
fuck jim jones kool aid
i've heard that shit can kill you
it ain't like kesey's.
brookshire brothers lunch
chicken strips, mashed potatoes
red beans, & a sprite.
we are infectious
definitely a cancer
on this here planet.
a helper monkey
is what i need to function
at full potential.
now the end is near
i've faced the final curtain
& done it my way.
kennedy cancer
conspiracies viruses
oswald a tumor. *or* fuck abstract haiku.
i'd mouthfuck dick clark
if he would just admit that
he's not of this world.
we must prove ourselves
in some form & or fashion
that they will notice.
i think this deserves
a big ol' fuckin huzzah
fuck what yr thinkin'.
the rest of my days
are gonna be spent jumpin'
up & fuckin' down.
universe opened
up & it swallowed me whole
i turned into space.
i've had delusions
some more grandeur than others
i have the shortest
attention span that i have
ever fuckin'...
transcend time & space
the only question is how
& possibly...why.
crawling through wormholes
trying to figure out where
the fuck i am at.
i've done all these things
but haven't done all these things
long live fake dada.
i've been fuckin' with
the space time continuum
& it's scarin' me.
the storm has been here
for many, many days now
the town is flooded.
i'm fergalicious
you know you want to kiss me
& kiss me some more.
virgin whore complex
filthy religious wordplay
mouth-fuck the devil.
that is what i want to be
i'd feel much better.
i just cursed at god
even though there is no god
had to blame someone.
i am tired of
all this ignorant bullshit
that's floatin' around.
i just kept starin'
'til black came up on the sides
blurrin' my vision.
do i look concerned
because i don't feel concerned
stop talkin' to me.
i'm the opposite
of nike corporation
i just don't do it.
& unrecognizable
polar opposites.
looking at the plugs
in the middle of my wall
they look so...ugly.
our realities
are only limited to
things we understand.
do not go to sleep
for you have a concussion
& you just might die.
of all that we see & do
is not fuckin' right.
a flash of white heat
melted the whole universe
it was beautiful.

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fronteriza said...


damn, fake daddy! this is absofuckinglutely brilliant. i knew you were good. but this is spectacular.

go ahead sum up my understanding of the world in 3 little lines. how is it you convey so much with so little? fuck abstract haiku indeed. all the metaphysical ones just floor me. gaspiness and all. this is a philosophical statement i could adopt as my own.

and i love the first several stanzas too about snake handling and credulity and speaking in snake and dreaming in snake.

que vive fake dada. vive!!

okay. if effusive comments irritate you, just delete the fucking thing.

my best to you and reb