Friday, August 13, 2010

umm...yeah. the original chopped & screwed.

dying batteries
in a sony walkman
cassette player

but, that's what i had
& i wasn't about to stop
listenin' to
metallica's "ride the lightning"


kami said...

there's so many tapes/rekkids i have that are damaged but i keep listening to them - to the point that when i hear a proper version i go "wha? that aint right, its supposed to skip there"

my cassette copy of master of puppets has a slur at the start and i always assumed that was the way the song went. it aint apparently

Corpus Christie said...

I kinda liked it when that happened. Music'd get all slow and trippy.

But there was always that bit of sad, knowing that the batteries were about to give up the ghost, and I wasn't getting paid for another six days.