Sunday, January 10, 2010


as we sat there
mindin' our own
some sort of walkin' talkin' street urchin
walks up, kneels before us,
makes false accusations of
us bein' hippies (he claimed "you can't hide it"),
then starts tellin' us this story
of a bear chasin'em through the
piney woods of nowhere &
him havin' to do the ol' zorro routine
with his fishin' pole to fight off the bear
(which apparently worked since he's here tellin' us his story & still has all parts of his body, minus the brain)
well, the chase somehow led to
him findin' these big ol' mushrooms
that he believed would allow you to
see the face of your creator
these things were fuckin' huge
(maybe as big around as the back tire to a tricycle & about as thick as my hand stacked on top of my other hand)
& were only gonna cost me 5 bucks each
not bad if they was the real deal, but
we declined his offer of
black death 'shrooms
at affordable discount prices
& away he went
but bein' the walkin' talkin' street urchin' he is,
he came right back up to us
& asked if he could purchase
a cigarette from one of us
for somethin' like 15 cents.

god damn.


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