Sunday, October 11, 2009

untitle nothin'.

during the day
i do not turn on
any overhead lights
if i can help it

front & back doors are
always propped open
providing just enough
natural sunlight for my tastes
& at times, a cool breeze
but sometimes nothin' but
stale death heat
blows through

unless it's to the cat
i try & not speak outloud
praying the phone doesn't ring

i do household chores
prepare meals
feed/pet/scold the cat
write (although not as much as i should)
listen to books on cd & random songs at high volumes
have lunch by myself at the table, my table

i find these things
every bit as necessary
to my survival
as the mayans or aztecs
saw ritual sacrifice
as a means to please
the gods above

although my sacrifices
are not quite as
dire & meaningful
they are none the less

that allow me
to perform these
daily rituals.

1 comment:

Corpus Christie said...

What're you sacrificing to?