Sunday, March 22, 2009

and they said her name was goofy.

she repeats
little snippets
of sentences
3, 4, 5
times in a row
in short
rapid-fire bursts

she refuses
to drink water
out of a bottle,
the water
must be poured
into a glass

she sleeps
on the couch
in the den
more often than
she sleeps
in her bed


she has had
the same car since
i was a baby,
possibly longer,
& i'm almost 30
(that god damn car looks better than she does)

if given the
i think
she would
fuck sean connery

growin' up
i believed
she loved the
chicago cubs baseball team
more than
life itself

i'm fairly
certain that
her parents
were german

i do know
that she was
on a farm

come time to
pay a bill,
which is done
within a day or two
upon reception,
she goes into
grandpa's study,
gets out the checkbook,
fills out the check,
& commences to shove
that motherfucker
in the mailbox
real quick like

once when i was
a little, little boy
grandpa told me to
call her goofy
because she was
actin' silly

the name stuck.

1 comment:

fronteriza said...

excellent. full seeming picture, in just a few lines. damn. good stuff.

you can call me goofy, too, if you want. it's not my name either. but you never know it might stick too.