Thursday, October 23, 2008


this picture was taken at the local high school football game.

this man is very old. he was in a wheelchair parked in the special wheelchair spot at the bottom of the bleachers in the walkway. i noticed he looked googly-eyed & weird. so i kept staring at him. since he was makin' sure to stare at every single person that walked in front of him, which was alot of fuckin' people, i felt justified. that fool's head was constantly jerkin' back & forth as if watchin' a japanese ping pong match. after a little while of gigglin' to myself, i realized that there were certain folk that this old man paid strict attention to. if you were a girl, you got stared at longer than most. if you were a girl ages 15 to early 20's, you REALLY got stared at. then as soon as they passed, his head would instantly fall with the weight of 3 bowling balls, and proceed to burn the image of their ass into his creepy old man memory.

tomorrow i'll be attending another game, & if i see this old man, i will plant myself direrctly behind him, & proceed to film him.


Daniel said...

fuck yes.

Laura said...

Weirdo watching. Always good shit!