Friday, July 25, 2008


let that evil out
just do what you need to do
whatever it takes.
let's write a novel
about this blue telephone
it's a bestseller.
in a legal sense
what you just said makes no sense
ask yr attorney.
i would fuckin' know
because i fuckin' said it
you motherfucker.
i don't remember
what it is you said i did
i don't think i did.
i'm so fuckin' gone
that i am not fuckin' here
yet, i'm fuckin' here.
if i didn't work
at this motherfuckin' place
i would be alive.
what's 7x8 ?
i think that it's 56
but i ain't so sure.
donate yr money
to the fuckin' nra
tithing, but with guns.

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