Saturday, April 26, 2008

some haiku for you.

i think that my spit
is anti-bacterial
put it in yr wound.
i've never done it
before, but i am going
to do it again.
if i wasn't rich
i would be crying about
how i wasn't rich.
i'm an atheist
yr rules don't apply to me
god damnit to hell.
school shootings happen
sometimes it's necessary
some kids are assholes.
i know that i am
going to find a fossit
of some fuckin' sort.
fatal diseases
they will be the death of you
if you aren't careful.
pornographic films
tits, ass, & giant weiners
on the silver screen.
my head tilted back
staring at blank nothing sky
i have stopped blinking.
original thought
has seemed to have disappeared
from the populace.


marty said...

I like the school shooting one the best! Great stuff, as always, my motherfucker you!

Nicholas R. Morgan said...

some great writings here sir.