Wednesday, April 9, 2008

haiku. yup, haiku. *alternate title* if allen ginsberg weren't already dead, i might stab him in his fuckin' eye. *alternate title* FUCK.

if it ain't fiction
then it must be nonfiction
you fuckin' retard.
unbeknownst to me
every single motherfuck
in the universe...
who's responsible
for this fuckin' bullshit
will you please confess?
it was meant to be
but for some fuckin' reason
it didn't happen.
i'm a legend in
my own motherfuckin' mind
at least i think so.
the road of excess
according to william blake
will lead to wisdom.
i don't want to be
reincarnated as a
motherfuckin' cow.
every little thing
is going to be alright
cheap imitations
no longer acceptable
by us lowly folk.
double jeopardy
less than a minute to go
just bet it all, bitch.
god damned violence
is so fuckin' violent
that i must join in.
worshipping satan
it is the best thing that i
can do with my time.
donkey kong jr.
is a cheap imitation
of original.
drivin' through traffic
i would shoot all you people
if i owned a gun.
we have searched the world
for all of the perfect things
ain't life fuckin' grand?
like a good neighbor
state farm is so fuckin' there
fuck that commercial.
ah, masterbation
started at an early age
& i still love it.
i'll be the gg
allin of the icecapades
i'll shit on the ice.
for my vacation
i'm goin' to new jersey
because i'm stupid.
holdin' you hostage
with stupid fuckin' nonsense
long live fake dada.
that's fuckin' lovely
you should do that more often
you stupid bastard.
ronald mcdonald
he means so much more to me
than jesus christ does.
keepin' me alive
with stupid fuckin' nonsense
long live fake dada.
i should care because
you tell me i have to care?
that's fuckin' bullshit.
i'm so fuckin' poor
that i can't pay attention
i love stupid jokes.
man named sly once said
we've got to live together
i do not agree.
i am jim bakker
i fucked jessica hahn &
stole lots of money.
i love that jay-z
song called "99 problems"
i know all the words.

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Marty said...

Great title and the Jim Bakker one was exceptionally good! I forgot all about him.