Wednesday, March 12, 2008


public disturbance
some folks might call the police
i pull out my gun.
i'm pinnochio
that is why i have these strings
attached to my arms.
in the beginning
there was the fuckin' darkness
& soon came the light.
everything changes
at one point or another
fuckin' accept it.
in my revoler
i only have one bullet
who do i shoot first?
it's so retarded
that i couldn't understand
if i wanted to.
you don't impress me
with yr fancy fuckin' clothes
& yr big ol' house.
i just want to be
an olympic medalist
bronze, silver, & gold.
banks in switzerland
that's where i keep my money
because it's secret.
what am i doing
i'm killing my fuckin' time
that's what i'm doing.
it doesn't matter
what you fuckin' say to me
i fuckin' hate you.
woke up, saw the sun
everything was goin' good
& then the night came.
i am struggling
to understand all the things
i don't understand.
i don't believe in
renting my body for cash
but that's what i do.
have you ever had
a moment of clarity
& just said fuck it?
division, addition, &
subtraction are math.


Daniel Dominowski said...

You should check out

You've got until the 31st to send in 7 of your best.

Marty said...

You are the Haiku God, fake dada!