Sunday, February 10, 2008

vacation. part one. i already did part two.

9 yrs. old. summer vacation. aunt, uncle, 2 cousins, me. minivan. video camera. two weeks. from texas to pennsylvania, new york, washington dc, all places inbetween, & back. driving. lots. shitty mixtapes. smithsonian. lincoln memorial. hershey park. statue of liberty. empire st. building. subways. coal mine. hot chocolate in the summer. driving. lots. motels. arguing. amish folk. unknown soldier. the whitehouse. walking. lots. cheap souveniers. the constitution. the boardwalk.

this just got published on & this is what someone commented about it. "throw away the pen. break the keyboard. use the eraser. sleep in the middle of the street." that's fuckin' awesome. i love hate.


Marty said...

Jesus, lots of driving on that trip! This is good, like a Cliff Notes version of your trip. I've always thought that Cliff Notes would be a good name for a child.

Aaron said...

And lots of territory covered, too...I've never even SEEN the White House. (Or was it just a non-specific "white house?")