Thursday, February 14, 2008

them haiku. with them picture.

i ain't done nothin'
for an hour and a half
do not tell my boss.
there's two presidents
with the last name roosevelt
were they related?

one million dollars
that means yr a millionaire
not a poor person.
when drinkin' a drink
you should proceed with caution
as to not spill it.
when i cross the street
sometimes i will look both ways
but not all the time.
long live fake dada
long live fake dada long live
fake dada long live.
thank you very much
is something elvis would say
that & T.C.B.


Marty said...

The drink Haiku is my favorite. Nice!

Buhari Zongo said...

haikus are for fags! and lovers!

Lisa said...

i never really got the haiku.
we wrote some in english class once.
i wish i still had mine.