Saturday, January 19, 2008

hankerin' for a bologna sandwich

about 5 miles down the highway, there's a little general store / cafe called "THE LAZY L. well i think the general store side is called "THE LAZY L", but the cafe side is called "lindsey's". we've ate at "lindsey's" many times over the past yr. that's where i discovered i love boudin. they also got really good bbq sandwiches, potato salad, mac & cheese out of the box, sometimes green beans, & mexican food. i usually get the bbq plate with sides. shit is tasty. well, we ate there the other night, but when we went to pay, we had to go to the register at the general store side. somethin' to do with the credit card machine. while we were payin' i was reminded that they have a deli meat case next to the register on the general store side. it's got bologna, salami, ham, & couple other meats i can't remember, & cheese. i noticed you could get a sandwich for 3 bucks. right then i decided that sometime within the next week i was gonna come up here & eat me a sandwich. so, i decide that today is the day for a garlic bologna sandwich from "THE LAZY L". i smoke a decent size bowl of pot, then hop in the car ready to fuckin' eat. i get there about 5 minutes later, & gawk at the deli case. the middle aged lady at the register asks, "what can i get you for, sir?". i quickly realize they ain't got no garlic bolgna. i answer back that i ain't sure yet. then i decide on salami, cut about as thick as my pinkie finger, with white american cheese & mustard. also got me some lay's potato chips, a coke, and my papa a bag of roasted peanuts. she slices the meat, makes the sandwich, & rings me up with a smile. i go take a seat at one of the booths, & begin to devour my meal, which was real fuckin' good. while i'm eatin', i'm readin' my bk, & listenin' to the extremely country accent comin' out of the little girl that works the bbq counter, we're pretty sure that she is daughter of the owner/cook. the owner/cook, who i think is named marion, is also very country, & looks like a total bad ass. he's got a button-up shirt tucked into jeans, cowboy boot, & a big ol' cowboy hat. well, right before i'm done eatin', a guy & a girl who look to be in their mid 20's come in askin' for marion. ol' country girl at the counter hollers to marion that someone wants to see him. he don't seem to hear so good, so the girls hollers this again but even louder. then yells that the police are here to see him, then chuckles. as soon as marion comes to the front, he looks at the couple, & asks "what ya'll need?". the girl says hi, looks around, raised up the back of her t-shirt, & pulls out a big ol' knife out of the back of her pants. she then asks marion if he'll hold onto it, to which he replies "how much ya'll needin' for it?". the girls says the need 30 bucks so they can go to lufkin & back & rambles somethin' about pickin' up somebody. sure seemed like drug money to me, but what the fuck do i know. marion grunts a little, then asks if they're actually gonna try & pick this back up & pay him back. he says "ya'll better come back for this, i ain't got no use for this & i don't want it." they assure him they'll pick it up within the week. then he hands her a piece of paper & a pen, & tells her to write down her name, how much she got for the knife, & when they'll pick it up. they get the 30 bucks, say thanks, & leave mumblin' to eachother. i wonder how often things like this happen at this establishment. how many folks know this guy will loan out a little cash for yr shit? i also wonder if the couple will come back for the knife. i don't think they will.


marty said...

That sounds like a crazy-ass place. The sandwich sounds like it was good. I had a craving for a sandwich last Sunday, went to the deli on the corner and got a roast beef, cheddar cheese and spicy mustard on rye bread. Very fucking tasty! Sandwiches are underrated.

super dave said...

boudin's where it lives.