Thursday, January 31, 2008

haiku for all you sonsofbitches out there in the united states of generica.

it is yesterday
that's the day before today
& not tomorrow.
i'm writin' things down
but not just any old thing
only the new things.
with my gun in hand
i walked up to the counter
& screamed for money.
while in a state of
suspended animation
i watched everything.
i have stopped thinkin'
stare off into space alot
fuckin' accept it.
motherfuckin' trains
they kick motherfuckin' ass
yeah, motherfucker.
sittin' in this chair
& starin' at the ceiling
wonderin' about.
someone else will write
my autobiography
i'll just sign my name.
i am important
that's why i wander around
while wearin' this suit.
i didn't even
wear a motherfuckin' suit
to my own wedding.
i am not proud of
the work that i have to do
to get a paycheck.
i'm not of this world
but from where, i do not know
it's anyone's guess.
i've come up with the
best combination of words
that you've ever seen.


Marty said...

Good stuff, motherfucker! I agree with you on trains. The best part of a train is the bar car. Mobile booze, hooray!

courtney said...

Your haikus are consistently excellent. The best combination of words, indeed!